February 19, 2011

Fowle - Roman History: Index

TEXT SOURCE: First Easy Latin Reading Book - Roman History, by Edmund Fowle (1877). Vocabulary Lists in back of book.
NOTE: Unless I am mistaken, passages 5-17 in Fowle reproduce verbatim the opening chapters of Abbé Lhomond's De Viris Illustribus. I will be putting up Lhomond here soon, and consequenly will omit the opening chapters (numbered in Lhomond as 1.1-7. If anybody knows the source for Fowle 1-4 here, let me know.

1. Saturnus

2. Latinus, Aeneas et Lavinia

3. Alba Longa

4. Romulus Silvius et Fulmen

5. Rhea Silvia

6. Infantes et Lupa

7. Faustulus et Acca Laurentia

8. Remus Captus

9. Numitor Restitutus

10. Nova Urbs

11. Remus Interfectus

12. Asylum

13. Virgines Sabinae

14. Titus Tatius

15. Tarpeia

16. Pugna

17. Pax

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